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We source, process, manufacture, transport, trade and market 47 different agri-products. Our team of full-time, seasonal, contract and temporary employees work to bring essential quality products to homes and businesses around the globe everyday.

We believe, above all, in one thing – something that’s unique to us – and that’s the power of big and small.


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Globalization is something that every business must strategize about in today’s business climate. It is here to stay and it will continue to gain momentum as emerging markets and other countries develop further. AVT has had a global strategy for the last ten years. We made the decision that the best way to participate in globalization was to be global with physical locations and with our people.


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Bruno Strong
AVT User

AVT came up with the products on their first try, delivered the complete package on a reasonable budget, and continued to fine-tune it.

Alison Brave
Coke Treder

We wanted to change the way men view and purchase their grooming products online and we knew we needed to channel the power of the Internet to achieve this goal.

Crispin Raven
Vix Holding

W2S World Wide was provided every brands in less than a week with best price from AVT.

Angela White
Thumb Financial

They always seemed to be three steps ahead of me, with patience, diligence and excellent punctuality.